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A simple but powerful search engine to find subtitle files for almost any movie
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Download Movie Subtitles is a powerful search engine that will provide you with links to thousands of subtitle files, of almost any film, in almost any language. Here you will find from the most recent DVD release to classic movies, from any genre, from any country, and in dozens of different languages.

Once installed, this small piece of software has the same look and feel as the official webpage for Download Movie Subtitles, with just one difference–the webpage shows you a number of random links for you to explore looking for subtitles, while the software includes a searching functionality that allows you to write the title of the movie you are looking for (or part of it) and perform a web search that will show you a list of all the subtitle files, in any language, related to that title or the keyword(s) you entered.

The list of languages available varies from title to title, but for the most popular ones the choice is impressive. The subtitles files come in a zip file and are offered in one of the most popular formats–SRT, SUB or TXT.

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